A steamer for dresses this Christmas

Christmas parties are rapidly approaching, and the need to have our evening outfits looking their very best has never been higher on the priority list.

Here we look at how Propress steamers are ideal for freshening and de-wrinkling party outfits, particularly dresses, which are often made using delicate materials and details.

How steamers are ideal for party dresses?

Here are few reasons:

They’re gentle on delicates

Dresses are often made from delicate fabrics such as silk, chiffon, or lace. Propress steamers are gentle on these types of materials, especially compared to traditional steam irons which rely on compressing fibres to remove wrinkles.

clothes steamer for christmasSteamers, and in particular the dress steamer from Propress, works to revitalise fibres, removing wrinkles and creases by restoring the fabrics natural shape and structure. This gentler approach also removes the risk of scorching or shiny spots.

Speedy wrinkle removal

Dress steamers are quick to heat up and can remove wrinkles efficiently.

Suitable for embellished dresses

Dresses with embellishments like sequins, beads, or delicate embroidery can be challenging for irons and risks damage.

Steamers, however, provide a far safer way to remove wrinkles, without any risk to those precious intricate details.

dress steamerVersatility in Dress Styles

Dresses come in a variety of styles, including those with intricate designs, multiple layers, or flowing silhouettes.

Steamers offer flexibility in treating different dress styles and can be used on both casual and formal dresses.

Any other benefits of using a steamer on dresses?

In addition to wrinkle removal, there are several other benefits associated with using dress steamers:

Stain removal

Steam can be effective in helping to remove certain types of stains. It works by loosening the fibres, making it easier to lift or blot away stains.

propress miniDust mite and odour reduction

The heat from steam kills dust mites and bacteria, helping to eliminate odours and restore freshness. This is particularly useful for dresses that have been stored for an extended period or have absorbed odours over time.


Steaming is a natural and chemical-free way to sanitize fabrics, killing bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens on the surface of the dress; and contributing to the overall hygiene of the garment.

Environmentally friendly

Steamers, particularly Propress steamers, are completely chemical and additive free, powered by pure 100% steam. And the Propress steamers heat up quicker than steam irons and are quicker to use, using less electricity, and again helping the environment.

Prevent fabric shine

With less direct contact with fabrics, steamers are less likely to cause fabric shine, which can occur when using high heat on certain delicate fabrics with traditional irons.

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