In your box you will find:

  • Telescopic pole set and top hook
  • Steam hose with aluminium nozzle and protective cotton cover/bag
  • 3 Castors
  • Funnel
  • Safe Operating Poster

Propress getting started

If any of these parts are missing or damaged, notify your supplier immediately.

To setup your steamer:

  1. Before assembling, fit the 3 press-on castors to locating holes in chassis base of steamer.
  2. Gripping the telescopic pole in both hands, twist the internal/middle pole section counterclockwise and extend upwards by at least 10cm. Twist clockwise to lock.
  3. Gently lower telescopic pole onto the base pole which is attached to the steamer.
  4. Ensure telescopic pole is pushed down over the black plastic sleeve and is resting on the top bracket of the base pole.

Your Propress steamer comes with an Instruction Booklet and a Health & Safety Poster. To use the steamer safely you must read the instruction booklet before use. If your instruction booklet is lost or missing you can download a replacement here or contact us for a free replacement on +61 (0)2 9962 9118 Toll Free: 1800 STEAMS (1800 783 267) or at [email protected]