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The Propress MINI handheld steamer funnels 40 years of development and experience working with top fashion designers, fabric care companies, and top High Street fashion stores to bring you the quality of a Propress now in a portable handheld.

You can also use an interchangeable Big Belly Tank to extend steaming time for those more demanding jobs.

No need for cumbersome ironing boards, and Propress steamers also kill bacteria leaving your fabrics fresh and odour-free.

Designed for living fabrics

The Propress MINI handheld steamer is a natural and efficient way to care for essential fashion and fabrics around the home. Gentle on the most delicate, tough on germs and easy to use and maintain, the Propress MINI puts decades of steaming expertise at your fingertips.

What fashion experts say

Why a Propress handheld steamer?

Propress started making steamers in 1980. It is the definitive steaming brand from the steam experts and a firm favourite of leading international fashion brands and London Fashion Week. Propress only make steamers which is why they do it so well. Propress delivers quality, performance and customer service.

Quick and easy

No need for an ironing board, steam straight on the hanger. The MINI handheld steamer is ready to go in just 45 seconds, and you can also steam horizontally, ideal for bed linen and upholstery. As we say ‘Steam if you want to go faster’.

Can be used on delicate fabrics

Reloved and vintage fabrics are a breeze. The Propress handheld steamer action is gentle on delicates. Wear what you want when you want, and know you are looking your very best.

Unique sole plate for creases and pleats

The coated heated sole plate gives the Propress MINI handheld steamer twice the performance; dispersing the steam effectively, relaxing the fabric, and quickly confirming creases and pleats. The sole plate can also be used as a dry iron.

Keeps odours at bay

Removes odours between washes by killing 99.9% of bacteria, but is still gentle on fabrics.

Perfect on the go

The MINI handheld steamer is compact for travelling, and no ironing board needed at your destination.

Help to save the planet

Fast warm up time, less water from less wash cycles, no chemicals used, and gentle on fabrics so ideal for second hand clothes.

For jobs big or small

Press the steam button for controlled steam on demand, or double press for continuous steam delivery without holding the button down; the Propress MINI handheld steamer is great for larger garments and curtains. Use the optional unique Big Belly Tank to extend the steaming time.

The 'iron age' is over

No more cumbersome ironing boards taking up valuable space. Steaming is the natural, efficient and modern way to care for clothes. Gentle on fabrics and tough on unwanted creases.

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