Clothes steamer better than iron?

The answer is more yes than no, here we focus on the top 5 reasons.

Time – we are all short of it

There are a quite a few factors at play with a clothes steamer that help you get great results faster.

steamer versus iron


Firstly, when you steam there is no ironing board to set up. Secondly, heat up time is faster (the Propress MINI Handheld Clothes Steamer heating up in just 45 seconds compared with steam irons requiring 30 seconds to 2 minutes).

And thirdly, when your garment is on the hanger it easier to handle than on an ironing board. Clothes hang in their natural shape, making it quicker to spot and remove creases.

Skill required

Clothes steamers are easier to use than irons. Irons require a certain level of skill to achieve the perfect result, whereas steamers take just a short time to understand.

Clothes steamers are also far more forgiving. They operate at lower temperatures and are more agile. Being on a hanger means you can steam from the inside for more stubborn fabrics.


Steamers are gentle on fabrics, far more so than irons.

Irons work by pressing, heating and steaming to remove creases. This process flattens and compresses the fabric. Steamers work in the opposite way, encouraging the fabric fibres to relax and plump up returning to their natural crease free state.

As a more gentle approach, clothes steamers can be used across a wider range of applications.  Delicates such as silks, velvet, satin and in particular wedding dresses are much easier to steam than iron, and with most steamers there is no risk of scorching, burning or damaging the fabrics. Clothes steamers are ideal for vintage clothing.

You can also use the clothes steamer around the house. Sofas, cushions, curtains, bed linen; even the indentations in the carpet left from furniture can benefit from the action of a steamer; lifting pile, removing odours and returning fabrics back to life.


It’s a fact that most of us are over washing our clothes; and washing machines can cause irreversible damage to the fibres of fabrics.

During the wash cycle clothes rub together and the fibres weaken. Over time this will lead to rips and holes. Clearly some garments need more regular washing than others, but many can be steamed between wears.

Using a clothes steamer is a non aggressive, non chemical process helping to preserve the life of the fabrics. If your clothes are unstained, steaming can be a great way to freshen up fabrics and increase wears between washing.

Steaming is a much kinder way removing creases from clothes, and because of this steaming helps to preserve the life of clothes over time. So less waste and you can enjoy your favourite clothes for longer.

Bacteria, viruses,  mites and pollen

Clothes steamers have more powerful steaming systems than most irons. This has a number of benefits.

From killing up to 99.9% of the bacteria that cause the odours in clothes and viruses such as COVID-19, which Propress steamers is proven to kill, to eradicating dust mites and pollen, helpful in the hay fever season when pollen sticks to your clothes. See how steamers can help asthma sufferers.

Steaming is also an ideal tool for moth control, killing moth larvae which can cause irreparable and costly damage to your favourite garments.