Weekly maintenance

Your Propress steamer has been up and running for a few days now, and it’s time to give it a bit of TLC. A good habit to get into is a weekly maintenance routine. A well looked after Propress steamer performs better and lasts longer, sometimes for over 20 years!

Propress Steamers recommend that you rinse out your Steamer once a week:

  • Take off the hose and poles
  • Make sure the machine is empty then pour 1 litre of water in
  • Swill the water around inside the tank and then empty through the hose hole – ideally into an outside or floor level drain
  • Rinse and repeat until the water runs clear
  • Periodically when following the above procedure, remove the sight glass cap and carefully pour cold water through the float chamber to remove any impurities. Replace sight glass cap and dry any water spillage.

The outside of your Propress steamer should be cleaned using a damp cloth. Do not use any detergents or polish.

Monthly maintenance

Every time you use a Propress steamer, you are purifying water; steam comes out of the nozzle and all the impurities in the water you use are left behind in the tank. Your quality Propress steamer needs to be cleaned out regularly, to remove the sediments and the minerals that build up in the boiler.

Accordingly, we recommend that you descale your Propress steamer at least once a month (based on daily usage, or every 3 months for light usage):

  • Take off the hose and poles
  • Rinse machine
  • Take your Propress Descaler and mix descaler with warm water and pour into steamer. Turn on the steamer and bring to the boil. Once the steamer starts to boil switch it off and disconnect from the power supply – NB if your steamer is buzzing do not turn steamer on with descaler inside, just use the warm water as is.
  • Leave for at least three hours
  • Once descaling has finished, agitate steamer in a circular motion so dislodged limescale is picked up in the water
  • Empty descaler mixture and limescale out through the hose hole – ideally into an outside, or floor level drain
  • Rinse machine until the water runs clear

It is very important to rinse the steamer after using descaler. You should also check your hose and cord set. What colour is your hose? Lift up the hose covering from the bottom and have a peek. Hoses start out life see-through then, as they age, they turn cream, yellow, brown and finally black.  If your hose is dark brown or black it is time to buy a new hose. Are there any kinks or bends in the hose? A bad kink can restrict the flow of steam through the hose, causing steam and water to come out of the filler cap – if this happens, don’t panic. It is meant to do that (it’s a safety feature to stop the pressure building up in the tank) but it is probably time to buy a new hose.

Check the electrical cord set.  Is there any damage to the cord or plug? If there is any problem with your cord set please call us on +61 (0)2 9962 9118, or 1800 STEAMS (1800 783 267). Or email [email protected] to arrange a service of your machine.  Do not use the steamer if there is any damage to the cord set or plug.