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Propress MINI Handheld Steamer

We love fabrics and fashion, and want our clothes to have that fresh, vibrant, and crease-free look every day.

The new Propress MINI does this and more. Packed with over 40 years of steaming experience, cutting-edge steaming technology, and its unique heated, coated aluminium iron plate for simultaneous steaming and pressing; the MINI punches well above its weight giving you fresh, hygienic, crease free clothes in just seconds.

Select your choice of colour, plug type and tank (the Big Belly tank extending steaming time from 7 to 13 minutes). Comes complete with a heat resistant steaming mitt and travel bag.

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$275.00$315.00 Includes Free Standard Shipping

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Propress MINI Handheld Steamer

The new handheld steamer from Propress is a natural and efficient way to care for essential fashion and fabrics around the home.


Gentle on the most delicate, tough on germs and easy to use and maintain, the Propress MINI steamer smooths creases, restores shape and removes odours to give your favourite fashion and fabrics the care they need to look better and last longer.

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Retailers using Propress

Inspired by fashion

For over 40 years Propress steamers have been the first choice for fashion designers, fabric care companies, and top High Street fashion stores.

The robust yet lightweight design, combined with outstanding performance and power is what makes Propress the steamer people aspire to, and now it's available in the portable handheld Propress MINI.

Now you can enjoy the power of Propress any time, anywhere.

Designed for living fabrics

The portable Propress MINI steamer is a natural and efficient way to care for essential fashion and fabrics around the home.

Gentle on the most delicate of fabrics, but tough on creases and odours, the Propress MINI puts decades of steaming expertise at your fingertips.

Keep fabrics fresh and crease free with the Propress MINI, for that brand new look every day.

Available with the standard tank or the unique Big Belly tank for larger jobs.


Why a Propress handheld steamer?

Propress started making steamers in 1980. It is the definitive steaming brand from the steam experts and a firm favourite for leading international fashion experts and London Fashion Week.

40 years of developing steamers for the fashion industry has now been channelled in to the launch of the new portable handheld steamer, the Propress MINI.

Quick and easy

No need for an ironing board, steam straight on the hanger. The MINI handheld steamer is ready to go in just 45 seconds, and you can also steam horizontally, ideal for bed linen and upholstery. As we say ‘Steam if you want to go faster’.

Can be used on delicate fabrics

Reloved and vintage fabrics are a breeze. The Propress steam action is gentle on delicates. Wear what you want when you want, and know you are looking your very best.

Unique sole plate for creases and pleats

The coated heated sole plate gives the Propress MINI handheld steamer twice the performance; dispersing the steam effectively, relaxing the fabric, and quickly confirming creases and pleats. The sole plate can also be used as a dry iron.

Keeps odours at bay

Removes odours between washes by killing 99.9% of bacteria, but is still gentle on fabrics.

Perfect on the go

Compact for travelling, and no ironing board needed at your destination.

Helps to save the planet

Fast warm up time, less water from less wash cycles, no chemicals used, and gentle on fabrics so ideal for second hand clothes.

For jobs big or small

Press the steam button for controlled steam on demand, or double press for continuous steam delivery without holding the button down; great for larger garments and curtains. Use the optional unique Big Belly Tank to extend the steaming time.

The 'iron age' is over

No more cumbersome ironing boards taking up valuable space. Steaming is the natural, efficient and modern way to care for your clothes. Gentle on fabrics and tough on unwanted creases.



Customer service at Propress is excellent. If you come to them with an issue they deal with it promptly and their aftercare is second to none

UK Charity

We always receive an efficient and personable service from the Propress team, they are more than happy to go the extra mile in order to meet our requirements.

Ralph Lauren

I don’t think I've ever had such Great customer service! 5* Thank you for all your help, and as I said, if you ever need a hat!

Thank you so much for your help and prompt service last week with our steamer. We will be recommending Propress for customer care, fantastic advice and service, well done.

Thank you for your truly excellent service and kindness. Everything went according to plan and I received the steamer today at 8.30. Bravo to the delivery Company you used.

It is such a rarity to actually be able to get through on the telephone to a living person given the times in which we live. Please keep doing the same thing.

Worked for a design company many years ago. The Propress is as good now as it was then - top marks.

An amazing piece of kit. How did we ever live without one of these? The 2 litre tank means you can steam a lot of garments before having to wait to refill the tank.

My wife recently purchased a much cheaper one for her shop, but we opted for this one for home use and she (having used both) says the difference is dramatic.

The staff at Propress have always been an absolute dream to work with. All of our orders are efficiently processed and our needs are always met, no matter how late in the day.

Ted Baker

Simply the best! This is the third steamer I've owned and beats the others hands down. Everything about this steamer has the look and feel of quality, making it a joy to use.

What an excellent team Propress are, and I would never look to use anyone else! Thanks for your endless hard word guys - we love you here at Ted!

Ted Baker

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It comes with an aluminium iron plate – why is this?

To achieve the perfect finish you need a bit more than just steam! The MINI’s specially coated iron plate is unique to Propress. Steam relaxes and plumps up the fibres of your fabric giving them new life and making creases simply fall out, and the iron plate can be used to smooth the fabric like an iron.

What fabrics can I use the MINI on?

You can use the MINI on most fabrics. Unlike other handheld steamers the MINI’s unique aluminium iron plate is heated, enabling it to cope with much heavier fabrics as well as lighter delicates such as silk and rayon. We advise caution on fabrics that are not suitable for ironing such as PU.

How does a steamer compare to an iron?

Steamers are faster, more convenient and much kinder to fabrics than conventional steam irons. The MINI is ready to use in just 45 seconds and there’s no ironing board to set up. Unlike other handheld steamers, the MINI has a unique heated aluminium iron plate giving you the convenience of a steamer and many benefits of an iron.


Also steamers work by relaxing the fibres to remove creases. Ironing uses higher temperatures and weight/force to compress fibres. The heat and compression of fibres over time causes irreversible damage and wear, shortening the life of the garment.


Steamers can be used on a range of fabrics, and steaming can be done ‘in-situ’. Curtains can be steamed on the rail, clothes on hangers, cushions and seat covers directly on the sofa, and linen on the bed; saving time and effort.


Steaming is also better for the environment. Clothes last longer, less dry cleaner visits are needed for particular clothes (and therefore less use of chemicals), and less washes (meaning less wastage of water and use of detergents).


And you can travel with your steamer. Compact and lighweight, and with no ironing board needed, it’s easy to refresh garments on holiday and business trips.

What water do I use?

To ensure that your MINI performs at its best you should always use deionised or distilled water which are readily available at most supermarkets, alternatively you can use bottled drinking water.

Can a steamer burn clothes?

Steamers are generally much safer to use on fabrics than irons, primarily because they operate at lower temperatures. The contact temperature of an iron producing steam is >180°C. The MINI however has a contact temperature of just 140°C, making it suitable for a much wider range of fabrics, and the unique low friction non-stick coated aluminium steam plate is designed to glide over the fabric, which also reduces the risk of burning.

Do I need to descale the MINI every so often?

No, you must never add descaler to the MINI, or any other additives to the water. As long as you use deionised, demineralised or distilled water your MINI will give you optimum performance at all times.

FAQs (cont'd)

How long does it take to steam an item of clothing?

This will depend on the garment, but we estimate a steaming time of less than a minute for shirts, tops and jackets and a bit longer for trousers and dresses.

How many garments can I steam between refills?

The MINI, using the standard slimline tank, lasts for 7 minutes which should allow for approximately 6 garments to be steamed. Using the Big Belly Tank steaming will last 13 minutes, enough to achieve approximately 10 garments.

What is the steam mitt for?

This is designed to protect your hand when holding the garment from the heat of the steam. But please avoid aiming steam directly at the mitt.

Is delivery free?

Yes, for mainland UK. Delivery to EU countries is calculated on a per item basis. If you are considering purchasing a quantity of steamers it may be worth contacting us to see if we can apply a discount to your order.

What is the returns policy?

We offer a 14 day refund/returns policy on all products, but please note: refunds are only given at the discretion of Propress Ltd. Please read our Shipping/Returns section to understand the charges that apply to returns.

What warranty do you offer?

Even though we take every care to ensure your Propress is delivered in 100% perfect condition, it is still possible that, in rare cases, it has a fault. If you discover that your product has a manufacturing or material defect, please contact our customer support and we will help you.
All Propress products come with 12 month’s warranty.


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