The effect of steam on COVID-19

Propress steamers have been scientifically proven to inactivate (render non-infectious) human coronavirus OC43 in as little as 2 seconds. 

covid steamerDe Montfort University in the UK have shown that the stability of coronavirus OC43 is comparable to that of SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. They have carried out wide ranging research into coronaviruses, including into the effects of washing coronavirus contaminated garments and surfaces.

More recently they have published a review on the stability and recovery of coronaviruses from porous surfaces.

Because of their expertise and in particular garment related research, Propress commissioned De Montfort University to investigate the benefit of a Propress steamer in combatting the transmission of coronaviruses.

Propress steamers proven to deactivate the virus in just seconds

The scope of research included porous natural fabric, and non-porous manmade fabrics, to determine efficacy of both steam and steam combined with the contact of the unique Propress aluminium steam plate to inactivate the virus.

Treatment with steam alone proved successful when applied for 10 seconds in reducing viral load by ≥4.1 log10 (99.99%), on non- porous polyester fabric.

However, when contacting the fabric with the unique Propress aluminium steam plate, combined with steam, the time to get below detectable limits (≤0.5 log10 TCID50/ml) was dramatically reduced to 2 seconds on the porous textiles tested (cotton and leather), and by 2.1 log10 (99%) on polyester.

More detail to be published in January 2022.