Propress steamer for windows

It’s amazing what things a Propress Steamer can do!

As Brian Fillery, the late Propress Steamers founder, said “its uses are only limited by imagination”.

Genevieve, a Propress Steamer owner from Melbourne, has used her Propress Steamer to renovate wooden windows:

the steamer absolutely works a treat in removing ROCK HARD putty (window glazing)  from the windows I am restoring ☺️

– Genevieve

So pleased was she with the outcome, she proudly sent us photos of the windows being renovated.

Thanks, Genevieve, for sharing your innovative experience.

Did you know that cake decorators use steamers to set the fondant on cakes. What interesting use have you put your Propress Steamer to?

Please send us more ways a Propress helps around the house!

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