Stay fresh with a Propress

High summer temperatures can mean clothes can quickly start to smell of body odour, and here is where a Propress MINI handheld clothes steamer can really help.

How temperatures lead to odours

High temperatures often mean high humidity levels, and when the air is humid moisture takes longer to evaporate off clothes. This prolonged dampness can be conducive to the growth of bacteria and mould, which in turn cause odours and smells.

High temperatures also means your body produces more sweat and this can be an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, and the combination of sweat and bacteria produces unpleasant odours. If your clothes are in contact with this and are not properly dried or washed the bacteria can multiply leading to persistent odours.

propress steamer

How a Propress MINI handheld clothes steamer can help

The MINI handheld clothes steamer is ideal for staying fresh in the summer months.

It is portable and compact, and unlike a steam iron, doesn’t require an ironing board, so it’s ideal for people on the move.

A quick steam of your clothes with a Propress MINI kills those odour causing bacteria to remove unpleasant odours, give your clothes a new fresh look and feel, and get you through those hot summer days with confidence.

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