Steam to Sustain

40 years of Propress steamer development to bring you fresh, crease free clothes with a finger firmly on the sustainability button.

Propress Steamers do not use chemicals and delay the need for using chemicals in washing loads and dry cleaners.

Propress Steamers are also faster to use than the steam iron, reducing electricity.

And Propress Steamers are ideal for pre-owned and vintage clothes. The steam action loosens the fibres to remove creases instead of compressing as with a steam iron. The result is clothes last longer, reducing waste.

sustainable steamersPropress has been ticking the boxes for sustainability since inception, using high quality materials throughout, ensuring longevity and serviceability and giving a great return on investment as well as outstanding results.

From delicate wedding dresses to vintage jeans, a Propress is simply the best steamer for clothing money can buy.

And now the MINI

Now 40 years of steamer development is available in a mini handheld. So now you can enjoy the benefits of a Propress Steamer on the move!

Packed with over 40 years of steaming experience, cutting-edge steaming technology, and its unique heated, coated aluminium iron plate for simultaneous steaming and pressing.

Gentle on the most delicate, tough on germs and easy to use and maintain, the Propress MINI clothes steamer smooths creases, restores shape and removes odours to give your favourite fashion and fabrics the care they need to look better and last longer.

Keep fabrics fresh and crease free with the Propress MINI, for that brand new look every day.

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