Steamers: A Moth’s Worst Enemy?

Get to Know: Moths

Moths are tiny and harmless creatures (no, this article is not being written by a moth trying to win you over), but the destructive power of these little critters is real. They tend to lay eggs in dark, damp areas—especially in the folds of clothes. And if you’re a lover of clothes, the important thing to remember is that moths are never in fashion.

Moths can wreak havoc in your walk-in wardrobe (or wherever you keep your clothes) by flying in and making holes in your fave ‘fits, which can be both heart-breaking and expensive. Thankfully, there’s an easy and effective way to get rid of them: steamers. Walk-in wardrobes not fly-in wardrobes, people!

Read on to learn about the benefits of using a steamer and the effects of steamers on moths.

Steamers: A Moth’s Kryptonite

When it comes to steamers vs moths, there’s no contest.

Moths can survive in all kinds of environments, but they can’t survive the high temperatures of steam.

The hot steam penetrates the fibres of your clothes and kills not only adult moths but also their larvae and eggs by denaturing their proteins and destroying their cells (ooh, science).

This means you can eradicate moths from your wardrobe for good.

Unlike chemical sprays, steamers use only water to kill moths meaning they are safe to use and won’t harm your clothes, your health, or the environment.

They are also more cost-effective than buying new clothes or hiring a professional pest control service.

How to Use Steamers to Eradicate Moths

First, make sure your clothes are clean and dry. Then, hang them in your wardrobe or lay them flat on a table or bed. Next, fill your steamer with water and turn it on.

Wait for the steam to build up, and then run the steamer cover your clothes, making sure to cover all areas.

Leave the clothes to dry for a few minutes, and then store them in airtight bags or containers.

The Benefits of Regular Steaming

Steaming clothes regularly won’t just help to keep your clothes clear of moths but will also remove creases without the damage caused by an iron. And by steaming regularly you’ll be killing odour-creating bacteria, reducing the number of times you need to do a wash.

It’s true that dry cleaning can also kill moths, but this can be expensive and can damage the fabrics and colours over time. Using a steamer can both prolong the life of your clothes and keep them free of moths (among other steaming benefits we’ve mentioned).

Grab a Propress steamer today and say goodbye to moth holes once and for all.



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