Steamers for vintage clothing

Sustainable Fashion since the 1980s

Propress has been at the heart of the recycled clothing ‘revolution’ since the 1980s, working closely with Charity shops, helping them transform donated garments into saleable clothing.

In the last 40 years we have seen an exponential growth in repurposing fashion, and it is now not only Charities selling reloved clothes on the High Street but also stores like We Are Cow in the UK.

Propress PRO Series steamers are used by many leading online and High Street vintage and second-hand retailers given its market leading performance, offering strong return on investment and reflecting the core values of sustainable fashion.

Care for vintage by steaming

Upcycled, preloved, reloved and vintage clothes are becoming increasingly popular; from essentials, to hard to find timeless pieces, to classics and cyclic fashion. And it’s becoming even more popular with the likes of H&M now offering an online market place to individual buyers and sellers.

With ever more focus on sustainability, slow fashion and quality not quantity; it’s no surprise that more and more people are buying vintage clothes.

Why a steamer for vintage clothes?

Steaming clothes is a more gentle and modern approach to removing creases than ironing and therefore helps to further extend the life of your vintage and preloved clothes.

Steaming removes creases by gently relaxing the fibres of the fabric and restoring the fibre’s natural texture and shape. Ironing, however, works by heating and compressing fibres, which over time can cause irreversible damage.

In addition to extending the life of clothing, steaming also helps the environment in its own way by reducing the use of chemicals and water used in over washing.

And where you would normally take your suits, jackets, coats and dresses regularly to the dry cleaners for crease removal and a freshening up, now you can simply steam.

And steamers like the Propress MINI Handheld Steamer using only water so there’s no chemical waste.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I am so impressed with my Propress mini. I am a dressmaker and curtain maker and I am thrilled with the results. Easy to use, the big belly water tank is great and I am able to get a lot done from each water tank fill. Lasts along time. Steams clothes beautifully and get exceptional results. Great also for mattresses and soft toys. The uses are endless. Beautiful piece of equipment, very stylish , not too heavy to use. Very high quality piece of equipment. I am beyond thrilled and highly recommend this to anyone.” – Gaye H

Love your clothes

Steaming with a Propress Steamer is the best care you can give your clothes. Not only will a Propress smooth creases and restore shape, it kills bacteria and removes odours fast, and without damaging soft fibres or delicate materials.

We love fabrics and fashion, and want our clothes to have that fresh, vibrant, and crease-free look every day.

The new Propress MINI does this and more. Packed with over 40 years of steaming experience, cutting-edge steaming technology, and its unique heated, coated aluminium iron plate for simultaneous steaming and pressing; the MINI punches well above its weight giving you fresh, hygienic, crease free clothes in just seconds.

Steam your clothes with a Propress, safe in the knowledge you are protecting your fabrics and giving them the best care possible.

So be gentle on fabrics, tough on germs, and love what you wear for longer with a Propress Steamer.