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Steamers from Propress give you unrivaled quality and performance; delivering fresh, crease and odour-free fabrics and garments for that brand new look and feel each and every day.


From over 40 years of working with top fashion professionals across the globe, Propress steamers bring you powerful steamer performance ensuring you look your very best.


Propress - inspired by fashion, engineered for life.


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Propress Steam Mitt

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Propress Pressing Pad

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Propress MINI Big Belly Tank

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Propress Descaler – Twin Pack

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Clothing Hose

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Drapery Hose

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Drapery Kit

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Hat Steamer Nozzle

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Propress Carry Case

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Velvet Brush

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More on steamers

Steamers offer a number of advantages over ironing when it comes to freshening up fabrics and removing creases. Let's look at the top six reasons to use a steamer.


Steamers tend to heat up faster than their iron rivals. Irons take on average about two minutes to heat up before using, steamers range from 45 to 90 seconds. The action of steaming can also be faster than ironing.

Care for fabrics

Steamers work by relaxing the fibres of the fabric. Ironing, on the other hand, uses a combination of steam, heat and pressure. This can cause irreversible damage to garments over time. Steaming garments can therefore extend the life of clothes, particularly vintage and delicate materials.

Steamers don't use chemicals

Steaming a garment can be a way to freshen things up between washes, cutting down on the use of chemicals. Less visits to the dry cleaners are needed when a steamer can be used to remove creases in jackets, coats and dresses, again saving the environment from harmful chemical waste.


Designed to save valuable time and space, steaming clothes on the hanger or on the rail with a steamer is quick and effective. There's no need for cumbersome ironing boards, instead garments can be hung and steamed straight on the hanger.

Steamers kill odours and bacteria

Delivering steam at temperatures of 100 degrees C, steamers become an effective part of your cleaning protcol; killing bacteria and mould which can cause odours. Steamers are also an ideal tool for moth control; killing the moth larvae which can cause irreparable damage to your favourite garments.

Easy to use on the move

We've all experienced the problems of ironing in hotels and trying to find an ironing board. Handheld steamers pack easily in to your travel bag and don't require ironing boards.


Solutions for business

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The professional choice

Inspired by industry. Designed for living fabrics. From fashion industry secret weapon to essential home and lifestyle tool, the Propress fabric and garment steamer continues to evolve with the times - full steam ahead!

Customer service at Propress is excellent. If you come to them with an issue they deal with it promptly and their aftercare is second to none

UK Charity

We always receive an efficient and personable service from the Propress team, they are more than happy to go the extra mile in order to meet our requirements.

Ralph Lauren

I don’t think I've ever had such Great customer service! 5* Thank you for all your help, and as I said, if you ever need a hat!

Thank you so much for your help and prompt service last week with our steamer. We will be recommending Propress for customer care, fantastic advice and service, well done.

Thank you for your truly excellent service and kindness. Everything went according to plan and I received the steamer today at 8.30. Bravo to the delivery Company you used.

It is such a rarity to actually be able to get through on the telephone to a living person given the times in which we live. Please keep doing the same thing.

Worked for a design company many years ago. The Propress is as good now as it was then - top marks.

An amazing piece of kit. How did we ever live without one of these? The 2 litre tank means you can steam a lot of garments before having to wait to refill the tank.

My wife recently purchased a much cheaper one for her shop, but we opted for this one for home use and she (having used both) says the difference is dramatic.

The staff at Propress have always been an absolute dream to work with. All of our orders are efficiently processed and our needs are always met, no matter how late in the day.

Ted Baker

Simply the best! This is the third steamer I've owned and beats the others hands down. Everything about this steamer has the look and feel of quality, making it a joy to use.

What an excellent team Propress are, and I would never look to use anyone else! Thanks for your endless hard word guys - we love you here at Ted!

Ted Baker


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