Fabrics are left fresh and odour free

The Propress Steamer penetrates even the thickest fabrics, plumping up the fibres and rejuvenating the texture leaving them soft, smooth and crease-free.

Steaming with a Propress Steamer is so much faster, safer and quicker than ironing. Clothes hang naturally, making it easier to steam on the hanger. No need for cumbersome ironing boards.

The Propress Steamer also kills bacteria leaving your fabrics fresh and odour-free. This unique triple action helps fabrics look fresher for longer.

Professional standard of steaming

Propress has listened to the professionals and created some of the most efficient steamers in the world.

Propress Steamers are designed to channel steam at precisely the right heat, density and pressure required.

What fashion experts say

Why a Propress PRO Series Steamer?

Propress started making steamers in 1980. It is the definitive steaming brand from the steam experts and a firm favourite of leading international fashion brands and London Fashion Week. Propress only make steamers which is why they do it so well. Propress delivers quality, performance and customer service.

Not simply steam

A Propress Steamer doesn’t just produce steam, it produces a consistent flow of dense hot crease-busting steam, whether you are steaming curtains 3.5m high, or the hem of a dress, you can be sure the steam keeps flowing and is directed to wherever it's needed.

Built to last

Propress has been ticking the boxes for sustainability since inception, using high quality materials throughout, ensuring longevity and serviceability and giving a great return on investment as well as outstanding results. From delicate wedding dresses to vintage jeans, a Propress is simply the best steamer money can buy.

Easy maintenance

Keeping your steamer in top working order is simple with a Propress Steamer, even in hard water areas. The design of the PRO series Propress Steamer, with its stainless steel tank, means that scaling issues are kept to a minimum, with just periodic flushing out and descaling to ensure optimum performance.

Steam on the hanger

Designed to save valuable time and space, steaming clothes on the hanger or on the rail with a Propress Steamer is quick and effective. There's no need for cumbersome ironing boards, instead garments can be hung on the integral pole set for easy steaming.

Hygenic steam

Delivering steam at temperatures of 100 degrees C, Propress is an effective part of your cleaning protcol; killing bacteria and mould which can cause odours. Propress Steamers are also an ideal tool for moth control; killing the moth larvae which can cause irreparable damage to your favourite garments.

Lightweight and manoeuvrable

Despite the high levels of power and stability, the Propress PRO series clothes steamers are remarkably light at aproximately 8.5Kgs, and with double wheel castors it's ideal for use at home, shop or film set.

See the Propress PRO290



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