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A review just received from a MINI customer Janet S:

Love love love my new Propress appliance! My previous steamer was a good brand and served me well for umpteen years, but the Propress has some major advantages over it. The metal plate means that it can do almost as good a job as an iron on a freshly laundered linen shirt or heavier, stiffer garments such as jeans.

Like all steamers, it’s an absolute dream, and very safe, to use on any fabrics that are fine, floaty or of jersey construction, e.g. T-shirts, and also on wool.

The stand-out feature is the fact that it can be used horizontally. It slashed my annual village Christmas dinner task of getting the fold marks out of five large tablecloths from half a day to not much more than half an hour. In the past, I had to drape and constantly reposition them over a whiteboard in order to steam them vertically, but last year, with the Propress, all I had to do was lay them on the tables, steam the drops vertically and the flat bits on the flat. Fantastic!

This means that the Mini Steamer could also be used on an ironing board if needed. It’s slightly larger than my old steamer, which would call for judicious packing for a plane trip, but it’s so good that I would find a way to squeeze it in. Couldn’t be happier.

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